Sortir du cadre

A film and a documentary series being created by Pablo Albandea and Tristan Duval.


While the number of artists is constantly increasing, and that it has never been so easy to create, artists are more and more insecure. However, in a society that considers art like goods and an artist as a job, there are people who are looking for transforming the exchange conditions of works and are inventing alternative economics, founded on freedom and sharing.




    • Joseph Paris, film director.
    • Antoine Moreau, co-editor of free art licence, maybe an artist and senior lecturer in the Multimedia department of Franche-Comté university
    • Lorenzo Papace, art director, producer and composer.
    • Aryeom, producer of independent animated movies and Jehan, scriptwriter et developer, of ZeMarmot project.
    • Benjamin Jean, specialised legal expert in intellectual property concerning open models
    • Blandine Bernardin and Niccolò Moscatelli from the association Polynome, which is a curatorial group.
    • Alain Imbaud aka Aisyk and Nomys_Tempar from the association Musique libre, which fight in order to make music free to everybody, while respecting copyrights.
    • David Revoy, illustrator et teacher.
    • Gee, PhD in computer science, author and cartoonist.

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#Sortirducadre: Niccolò Moscatelli is an artist, Blandine Bernardin produces exhibitions, and they are also curators, members of the curatorial collective Polynome.

Founded in 2017, Polynome it operates in a decentralized and informal way. Like a laboratory, the collective carries out constant research work which is presented to the public in the open form of exhibitions, editions, events …

The subjects it explores relate mainly to the social and democratic practices which manifest themselves in response to the current system dominated by late capitalism.

In 2019, the collective presents the exhibition Please Trespass, which is an invitation to question the concepts of intellectual property and copyright and the limits – legal, economic, and creative – that they pose.

The artists present in the exhibition translate these questions into alternative creation and distribution methods: free licenses, open source tools, re-appropriation of content, etc.


Benjamin Jean tells us about copyright today. (Subtitle available)


#Sortirducadre: Benjamin Jean is a lawyer, specialized in intellectual property. He is involved in collaborative, open, free projects, whether in the software or artistic fields. And he practices music.

He founded his consulting firm in #OpenInnovation Inno³, is president of the association « Open Law, le droit ouvert » and is co-founder of EOLE (European Open source & Free Software Law Event).

He is also an administrator of Framasoft and co-founder of Veni Vidi Libri, which aims to promote free and open source licenses.

He wrote Option Libre. Good use of free licenses, and contributed to the book Histoires et cultures du Libre, both published by framabook.


Aryeom and Jehan from the ZeMarmot project tell us about the need to pay artists, despite the lack of money. (Subtitle available)


#Sortirducadre: Aryeom and Jehan are part of the association LiLa (free like art) and work on the creation of ZeMarmot, a free animated film project.

Aryeom is an independant animation film director and artist. Her first co-directed short animation, “Grandma Ocean” got screened in more than a dozen festivals and won 2 prices. Aryeom is ZeMarmot’s director and script consultant.

Jehan was an actor. He then turns to IT and travels. He is one of the main contributors to Gimp (more than 600 commits in recent years), and is the main author and developer of ZeMarmot.

ZeMarmot is a project of 2D animation movie, to be released under CC BY-SA and Art Libre licenses, fully made with creative Free Software (GIMP, Blender, Ardour…), and currently funded by hundreds of individuals or organisms from all over the world.


Lorenzo Papace tells us about the figure of the artist. (Subtitle available)



#Sortirducadre : Lorenzo Papace is art director, film director and music composer. He is at the origin of the manifesto for a universal intermittence of the arts.

He founded his group Ödland, which offers contemporary, poetic music, tinged with melancholy and sometimes humor. Enriched by its visual universe, it oscillates between folk, pop, songs in classic colors or sometimes electronic.

After directing many films and music videos, he specialised in paper for artworks, set designs, stop motion videos and photographs.

He is also the creator of L’école du chat noir, an animated series that wants to popularize anarchism, « a school of revolt and freedom » that we highly recommend.


 Antoine Moreau tells us about the different licenses. (Subtitle available)


#Sortirducadre: Antoine Moreau defines himself as an artist maybe. He was at the initiative of and co-editor of the Free Art License in 2000, and set up the Copyleft Attitude association.

He is also a lecturer in the Multimedia department of the University of Franche-Comté. He thinks about the concepts of free art and free culture, and shares the results of his reflections in writing and during meetings.

His art works are turned towards others, his meetings and sharing being part of the works.

During our meeting, he offered us a sculpture, numbered 952. It is still near Poitiers and has hardly moved. But it is preparing for a great journey.


Joseph Paris tells us the giving to give model. (Subtitles available)



Joseph Paris is a filmmaker. In 2006, he directed Le bal des innocents, the first French feature film initiative under Creative Commons.

In 2008, he was at the initiative of the Kassandre collective and campaigned against the concept of intellectual property and for the use of copyleft licenses in cinema.

In 2012 he films the Femen movement and in 2014 directs Naked War, a film in which he decodes the cinematic grammar of these spectacular actions.

From then on, his work took two directions : he realised films produced in the circuits of copyrighted cinema, and others, more experimental, which he placed under free license.

He is finishing The flag, a documentary feature that seeks to determine how a certain identitarian closure has managed to impose itself and make itself admissible.

Joseph Paris is the first person we interviewed for #Sortirducadre. And we wanted to thank him because he has helped us a lot since !



Tristan Duval is the second director of Sortir du cadre. Very committed, he educates himself on the job in image and sound, and uses these media to exteriorize and to understand and criticize this capitalist and patriarchal world.

In 2015, he and others started directing the film Et vos rêve ?, which follows the anti-advertising activists of Lille who are preparing the trial of two of them for smearing advertising media.

It is at this point that he really discovers open and free licenses in art, and becomes aware of the role they can play. Tristan starts to like audiovisual creation, and continues to create, while training himself, both in tools and in theory.

In 2018, he finished his first solo feature film : Où je vais ?, a film experience over a year of life. His work places human at the center, while trying to understand mechanisms in our societies.

Today Tristan is still working on his movies’ projects and to get involved with Lent ciné. He is also learning about music and photography, and published his creations under free licenses.


Pablo Albandea is one of the two directors of Sortir du cadre. Attached to the analog rather than digital image, he develops an aesthetic at the crossroads of abstraction and documentary intimacy.

Lent ciné showed its first short film Sur la terre (On Earth) during the first edition of the festival Nos Désirs sont Désordres. Marked by reflections on free in the art world, he joined the collective and now places his work under free license.

Initially turned towards audiovisual performance, he’s evolving today as well in cinema as in theater, dance or contemporary art.

He regularly collaborates with artists like Damien Jibert, the choreographer Thomas Ballèvre (Super [p] oser, Autopilote) or the experimental electronic music group Grand 8.

He is part of the company Les Enfants Sauvages (Choisir l’Ecume, Game Over) and the audiovisual group Asié Usu (Gingko, La Lune Vague).


#Sortirducadre is a documentary project of a film and serie about artists and works under free and open license in art. Off course license under Free Art Licence 1.3 and CC BY-SA 4.0.


#Sortirducadre : we have exceeded 1000 € in donations, 35 people have contributed and many more have relayed! A huge thank you for all this confidence, which gives even more meaning to this project. #freeart


#Sortirducadre : trailer, using images from the film 492 shots by Joseph Paris, music by Ödland for l’école du chat noir by Lorenzo Papace, and their voices.


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#Sortirducadre is a documentary project of a film and serie about artists and works under free and open license in art. #freeart