Sortir du cadre – Leaving the frame



A movie and a documentary series about artists and works under free and open license in art.



While the number of artists is constantly increasing, and that it has never been so easy to create, artists are more and more insecure. However, in a society that considers art like goods and an artist as a job, there are people who are looking for transforming the exchange conditions of works and are inventing alternative economics, founded on freedom and sharing.

Presentation of the project

Sortir du cadre, is first a documentary movie still being under creation, responding the need to explain the point of free licenses in the art domain. It is also a series, still being under creation, which presents people working for them.

About the movie

Sortir du cadre is a documentary which takes place under currently fights, concerning artists’ freedom and defense. Our aim is to gather words from the main actors and actresses of this fight and to reveal daily actions which are, slowly but surely, bringing us to viable options against the current capitalist system.

The artist – the main character
We have decided to create the documentary around an artist who places most of her works under a free or open licence. This artist would act as the main character in the movie and would guide spectators along the speech’s evolution. Even if we are establishing a framework, we would like to give, as much as possible, freedom to this person in order to get a spontaneous and sincere thought.
These sequences will also be a reason to include some freshness concerning the technical and legal words about licences and copyright.
We care about making the topic human and sensitive. Because, despite its seeming bareness, the developping notions are about life itself.

Artists at work
Artists will be at the heart of the documentary. We would like to focus on the gesture, on the creative process and to show what is rarely visible, the work’s hidden part. We also would like to match the « abstract » speech with « concrete » creation, by a more or less close similarity.
By opting for close-ups, we would like to give freedom to the artists and to their gestures , sincewe did not have many occasions to see artists setting to work.

Borrowing works
Images from open or free licences will be added to the artists’ ones. They will be used to show the finished work of the artists and they will actively participate to the sharing and flow of art works that we defend in the movie. By doing so we will be able to concretely prove that it is possible to take images and ideas over, without necessarily damaging its author. Any created work is the result of inspirations, experience, images, sounds which were first been borrowed to other works before appearing as a new shape.

Finally, it seems essential to us to go through interviews in face of a camera to deal with our topic. Indeed, there is a layer which is pedagogical and which helps to focus on notions which can first seem to be difficult. That is why it is crucial to sometimes leave the camera and let go a thought without any constraint.
This is also one of our main aims : to allow engaged people to talk about fairer choices. These women and men are true characters in the movie, they are not only people delivering a speech. The interviews concern their life, experiences, jobs and their hopes.

The series

It is frustating to question people for one or two hours, and only keep a few seconds or even nothing. This is how the idea of creating a series with these interviews came to our minds. Each episod concerns their life, experiences, jobs and their hopes. And we already have ideas about a potential second season…


The participants

  • Joseph Paris, film director.
  • Antoine Moreau, co-editor of free art licence, maybe an artist and senior lecturer in the Multimedia department of Franche-Comté university
  • Lorenzo Papace, art director, producer and composer.
  • Aryeom, producer of independent animated movies and Jehan, scriptwriter et developer, of ZeMarmot project.
  • Benjamin Jean, specialised legal expert in intellectual property concerning open models
  • Blandine Bernardin and Niccolò Moscatelli from the association Polynome, which is a curatorial group.
  • Alain Imbaud aka Aisyk and Nomys_Tempar from the association Musique libre, which fight in order to make music free to everybody, while respecting copyrights.
  • David Revoy, illustrator et teacher.
  • Gee, PhD in computer science, author and cartoonist.

Also other people…

Origin of the project

As founding members of the association Lent Ciné, which lets to create and diffuse audiovisual works under free licences and free dissemination, we think for a few years about the creative process and their conditions.
We have surronded ourselves by artists to create, we have met some of them in kinokabarets, we have discovered authors by projecting their movies. All these people with who we have exchanged about their and our experiences, have fed our thinking. Many assessments have emerged from it, especially the extreme difficulty to live off art and financing creations, but also the ignorance of law.

Only few artists really know how copyrights work. Yet the whole of laws determines their creation and let them have a legal status which protect themselves and their works. It bestows economical control on them. However, many fantasies are surviving : for instance, the word « copyright » does not need to appear on works to be actual, since it applies from the creation. And when it was supposed to protect, the contemporary system of copyright makes most of the artists fragile and poor. Because we are committed in free culture, we often talk with others about these questions, concerning free licences and free dissemination. The latter, which lets to grant a part or all of the rights awarded by the copyright, are even less known. Free licences and free disseminations are yet developping for around twenty years. As well as helping works to find its audience by making easier their circulation, they allow to imagine new economical models for the authors.

Even if we have been working on these questions for many years, we are still learning every day. Copyright, free licences and free disseminations are closely linked to creative process and that is why we have decided to create a work, in order to try to understand and to make understood.

How will the fundraise be used

Until now, we have financed the shooting by ourselves, but it is no longer possible. We have spent lot of time filling files to get financing (local authority, cinematgraphic grants, fundation) but criticising copyright and highlighting free licences discourage financers.

2500€ is a minimum to get to the end of the shooting. It either pays the post-production (editing, mixing, standardisation), nor the two directors : it is only to materially make the shoting possible.

We meet people, from about everywhere in France, which means costs linked with transport and food. Of course we do not go overboard : we booked our tickets very early, and when trains are too expensive, we spend time on buses. And we always find a way to accomodate for free. We wish to call on somebody to record the sound of the sequences with the artist who will be the main character of the movie. It seems to us to be crucial for the finish of the film, and we cannot do it by ourselves.

If the amount goes beyond the objective of €2500, we would first considering more serenely the post-production, which we have estimated at minumum €5000 (renting a editing room to mix and standardise, and paying our technicians).

If the amount goes beyond €7500, we could consider to pay ourselves for our work on the movie making.

The compensations : the gift

Because we do not want to imatate the inequalities that are taking place around us, we have decided that there will not have compensations. You will not have something because you have paid. We prefer donation. By doing so we will place the movie and the series under Art Libre et Creative Commons Attribution – Partage dans les Mêmes Conditions 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). We will also send you news about the advances of the project. And finally, we will organise a projection tour, hoping to come to see you. And if you wish, your name or pseudo will appear in the end credit of the film.

Licences art libre et CC by-sa


Our team


Logo Lent ciné

It is a production and audiovisual broadcasting collective. Lent ciné have the purpose to create and broadcast free works.
The collective’s aim is to create, show, share and exchange. We wish to create works which help have people think, to decolonise our imaginary worlds and to deconstruct our brains full of already built ideas.
To do so we produce movies and organise kinokabarets (48 hours or more to create works together). Then we work to diffuse them by ourselves or we have them known, so other communities have the tools to broach other different themes. As well as regular diffusions, we yearly organise a festival of free movies about social critics : Nos désirs sont désordres – Our desires are disorders. Lent Ciné is also a way to share knowledge (technical and others) in order to let as many people as possible to express themselves. It is a way to meet and to forge links with other communities. Finally, our community supports and try to have known, the movement of the « free », by using free tools and free licences.

Pablo Albandea

Pablo is learning about media and videos, concurrently with his cinema and audiovisual studies, at the university of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
Since 2015 he is muliplying and testing all artistic fields aroud him.
First attracted by audiovisual performance, he is now interested by cinema and theatre, dance or contemporary art. He is also working with artist such as Damien Jibert (Reflet, exhibited in Centre Pompidou in 2015), ehe choreographer Thomas Ballèvre (Super[p]oser, Autopilot) ou the experimental electronic music band Grand 8. Morevoer, he is part of the theatre company Les Enfants Sauvages (Choisir l’Écume, Game Over), and of the audiovisual group Asié Usu (Gingko, La Lune Vague). He produced his first short film Météores during 2019 spring, which was produced by Lent Ciné and the national studio of contemporary arts Le Fresnoy.
Pablo is also a member in the boards of directors of the voluntary cinema l’Univers in Lille. He especially manages a part of the photo lab and silver film. Besids, he is a member of the solidarity association of Lent ciné, and he organises the diffusions of free movies and is working on Hors Ciné which is a project of a videos on-demand plateform only composed of movies under free licences or free diffusion.

Pablo and Tristan

Tristan Duval

As a very commited person, he educated himself on the job medias and sounds. He hosted a radio show on « radio campus Lille ». Then he began with other people the production of a movie. It came to be Et vos rêves ?, which follows anti-advertising activists in Lille who prepare the trial of two of them for smearing of advertising media..
Tristan starts to like this medium and he continues to create, while learning about the theory and tools. His work places human at the center, while trying to understand mechanisms in our societies.
Today Tristan is still working on his movies’ projects, to get involved with Lent ciné, and to participate in the gestion and hosting of different projects and places, especially in Poitiers. He is also learning about music and photography.

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